This game doubles as a metaphor for how the past week's been for me. Deep, yeah?

Control your knight, Björn, with A and D to roll left and right, and W to jump/bounce higher. Press R at any time to reset the game. Defeat the dragon by striking it from above; hitting it from below will count against you. (Think of the classic Joust.)

Honestly though, I am squeezing this in for the Linux Game Jam. It isn't as detailed or intricate as most of my stuff but it should be a good thirty seconds of fun. :-)~

All sound effects (aside from the coffee-can drumming) are original, generally involving either my voice, my throwing of glass into the recycling bin outside and recording it on my phone, my clever Audacity tricks, or, well, my animal sounds. Tools used were almost entirely open source, aside from using Caustic for the drums; but don't be fooled, I've done work with Krita, GIMP, and Godot that is much more aesthetically pleasing.

I figure, as down as everybody is with pixel art, they should love a game made from my crappy drawings.

According to the jam rules, it can be downloaded and run as a Linux application; just unbox both files to the same directory and run the *.x86_64 file. It shouldn't depend on anything weird. If anyone wants to download it for any other operating system, just leave me a note and I'll find some time to do it for you.

...Unless you're trying to get it to run on something like Icaros or Menuet. Or Tizen. Please keep it to reasonably big-name kernels! If it's weirder than BSD, I respect you a great deal; but I'm not building for it at this time.

Source code (everything other than import metadata and sound effects) available at Github.


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