A game based on the classic novella by Edwin Abbot, Flatland. It was published in 1884 as a work of political criticism by a math teacher in the late Victorian Era,  and accidentally inspired a century of forward-thinking physicists. It can be read for free here.

This was built as part of a Metroidvania jam, which has gone on over the past month. Typically I try and do these in 2.5D to 3D; but I'm still learning the quirks of Godot, and decided that this might just be a fun way to learn 2D platformers.  Then, I started thinking about 2D versus 3D, and what it might mean if I went all the way... and this idea was born!

The game is relatively brief, as I've had a lot going on over the past month. I have it filed in with my other Stand Up Games, and if it's reasonably popular, I may return to it and fill it out a bit. The book scripts very well, and many things (rain, Chromatistes, the nature of circles and higher-order polygons, and so forth) would make for great area themes.


You play as the square. Namely, the book's narrator, "A. Square".

WASD to move
Spacebar to jump
Drag the Mouse to use a module (known as a "Hyperplane Module", denoted by anything that is definitely not 2D and thus, clearly, a hyperdimensional anomaly...)
Roll the Mouse Wheel to change modules

As your objective, find the mysterious hyper-circle/sphere that is intersecting with Flatland.

'L' Down for One Full Second:  Return to the last auto-save point. The game periodically autosaves, mainly when you reach a critical point. You can also return to this point by dying. Health, location, and hyper-plane modules should be restored.

(Note: Due to time constraints, there are currently only two ways to get rid of a save file—you can either pass any other save point, or you can clear your cache for this specific page. Either one will replace it. I intend to add a save select feature in the future.)

Music, art, and sound effects are also by me, chiefly with LMMS, Gimp, and Blender 2.8. The artwork might get a touch-up one of these days; maybe a shader to take care of the lack of antialiasing on some of the line art.

Everybody have fun!


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(3 edits)
  • Can you add a way to quit the game, by pressing Q or by not restraining the mouse inside the window so that I can click the X?
  • After falling to the bottom of the map, I got respawned to a point where I was trapped because I no longer had any modules. Holding L didn't fix this.
  • The mouse-dragging mechanic fails when I can just move my mouse to the bottom/top of the window and click to instantly use a module to its full extent. Perhaps you could make it so that when you click, the mouse is grabbed so that you have to drag to use the module, no matter where on the window you click?

Great game!

There seems to be no reason or rhyme in how much health is lost in a hit. (and the few times it did only one unit worth of damage it pushed the character into inescapable death anyway)

Yes, that's a bug I'm aware of.

I can and will fix it by adding an invulnerability timer, but the day came to push to publishing before I could get around to it. 

Hopefully it isn't that much of an issue for you; I appreciate your patience. 

OK, after making breakfast this morning I sat down and implemented the timer. The new version (1.01) should give you a second of invulnerability after contact with anything dangerous, and nothing will do more than a single point of damage.

Thanks for the feedback!